What's included with the course?

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Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 is designed for anyone interested in both understanding nutrition and looking for ways to change eating patterns and lifestyle habits. This course is designed for you to take a fresh look at UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION. Over the next 12 months, you will develop a new understanding of nutrition, its transition through your life cycle, and how it correlates to your everyday life. gives you a thorough foundation in basic nutrition so you can understand and implement healthy eating patterns and choices. You'll also learn about meal planning, guidelines for grocery shopping, safe food preparation, how to manage food allergies and intolerances, as well as how to promote healthy food choices in your family, community, or workplace.


What's included in your enrollment?



This textbook includes 20 chapters beginning with core nutrition topics; such as diet planning, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and followed by chapters on diet and health, fitness, life span nutrition, food safety, and world hunger.




There will also be interactive tutorials, activities, and videos to

increase your understanding of chapter concepts.




You will need one of the following to participate:


1. Computer

  • Desktop Computer

  • Laptop Computer 

  • Tablet

  • Smartphone

2. Webcam

3. Microphone

4. Internet

Live &

Pre-Recorded Lessons

Online Class Schedule

Tuesday 6:30 pm

Thursday 6:30 pm


Recorded Class Schedule

Saturday 10:00 am

Saturday 2:30 pm.

30 Day Meal Plan

Based on your registration information, I will provide a 30day meal plan but also teach you how to meal prep/plan


I will send out recipes weekly for you to try. We will discuss cooking techniques, ingredients, and food safety.

Certified Coaching

I want this course to excite you so I will incorporate different learning activities to motivate you to help you better understand the chapter materials.

Weekly Challenges

I am going to push you out of your comfort zone to try new things every week.